Home Insurance



Protect your home and belongings with the best suited coverage for your needs. Shiaz Solutions makes a point of researching the best coverage for your profile year after year. You can enjoy home insurance coverage without the headaches of narrowing down the best price for the best coverage. We are there to take care of you. Get a quote today!





Home Coverage for your living Space.

We believe that a house is not just a house but a home where you should feel protected. Therefore, our policies cover: home owners, tenants and investors for the following:

All Risks:

Covers your home and belongings against all causes of loss—except those explicitly mentioned as exclusions in your policy.

Personal Liability:

You are protected in case a visitor gets injured inside your home, or if you’ve accidentally damaged someone’s property and have to pay for the damages.

Additional Living Expenses:

Includes temporary accommodations so you can stay somewhere comfortable if you cannot stay at home.

Rebuilding To Code:

Additional costs to repair or rebuild your home to code are covered up to the amount of coverage.

Water Damage Coverage:

Covers events like sewer backup and sump pump overflow, water entering a below-ground-level home, and even overland flooding from any body of fresh water.

Legal And Home Assistance:

Bundled Home & Car insurance comes with free advice from lawyers and a network of home contractors

We treat everyone of our clients uniquely. All our insurance packages are custom built to fit your personal needs. In addition, you can easily get an insurance quote for just a few minutes of your time. You can count on Shiaz Solutions for providing you with peace of mind for our most competitive coverage and best coverage features to suit your needs. Safeguarding your personal belongings is something that we take as seriously as you do.