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Commercial Insurance

If you are a Business or Commercial Property owner with Insured Property or high value assets, you should consider getting Commercial Special Risk Insurance. Please note that minimum values do vary by Insurer. Shiaz Solutions are the experts for any business or organisation.




What does Commercial Insurance cover?

A commercial Insurance Policy provides cover for property damage to your valuable assets by any cause not excluded under your policy.

Coverage can include:

  • Loss and/or damage to buildings, machinery, contents, stock, raw materials, unregistered vehicles
  • Profit loss, revenue or rentals loss and/or increased expenses caused by damage to insured property or by contingent damage to property at the premises of suppliers, customers and utilities
  • Loss of profits, revenue or rentals and/or increased expenses caused by burglary.
  • Accidental damage and glass breakage

At Shiaz Solutions, we take our customer’s Insurance needs seriously. That’s why we will take the time to assess your individual risk management requirements and exposures and deliver the right Commercial insurance solution that is best suited for your business and its assets.

Protect your assets by contacting Shiaz Solutions. Our experienced team of insurance brokers can help you put your worries to rest.

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